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Level up from a 13 pounder, where the vagina is not only extremely heavy but also hairy and is caked with dried pee and blood on the lips. This gives the vagina a smell that resembles that of a man that has died in an earthquake.
Star Jones has the worlds most hamajang horse vagina.
by PUBEHEADS January 15, 2004
Noun- when a black guy poops in a white chicks vagina.
Little Richard gave Madonna a Choclate Smore, and it was real messy!
by PUBEHEADS January 13, 2004
A word used to describe the average size of a girls vagina in the great state of nebraska. Random fact: largest vagina in the world weighed over 27 1/2 pounds.
Only girls with 13 pounders are considered hot in nebraska.
by PUBEHEADS January 14, 2004
After a wet dream, this is what is in your pajama bottoms.
Hey Tom, I had a dream of your mom last night and when i woke up there was a big pajasm in my underwear.
by PUBEHEADS January 20, 2004
The pocket rhino is the most famous prank in the book. You get down on one knee and pretend to propose to your lover. You reach into your pocket... and pretend to have trouble finding the ring. As she eagerly awaits the ring emerging from the pocket... you give her a quick one-two punch with the hand that was concealed in the pocket. You then proceed to donkey punch her in the pussy until she is on the verge of a coma. As she is about to slip into a sweet long sleep... you strip her naked and smear blueberries all over her body. After this, it is necessary to put her near a bee hive so that the bees may feast upon her sweet blue body. IF she still likes you after all this.... then you do it again until she realizes that you are one sick fuck. Once she has come to this realization... you ask her for her hand in marriange.
Alan G. proposed to his first 14 wives soon after pulling out the ole "pocket rhino" on their asses.
by PUBEHEADS February 08, 2005
When a girl is covered with a guys hot gizz, she is said to be "Robed in Glory"
After unloading my cum all over her chest, she was proud to be Robed in Glory.
by PUBEHEADS January 20, 2004
short for donkey punch
I dunched Melinda so hard in the ass that it made a hole straight through her vagina.
by PUBEHEADS February 09, 2005

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