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A word that can be used to replace nearly any verb or adjective.
So I was donching this girl


Are you donching me?
by Cpt Donch May 02, 2009
to mess something up
We couldn't go to the party because Roman had to be a donch.
by Roman Zaremba March 03, 2004
to release a large amount of excrement from one's bowels.
Man, I have to drop a huge donch. You know where the bathroom is?

Sorry honey, I can't go to see your mother. I gotta stay at home and donch all day.
by Donchy Kong July 04, 2010
Someone who is extremely dirty and socially awkward. This person can't think for itself and is unaware of others feelings. Since it doesn't understand other people and emotion it is thought to be a robot or alien.
look at that weird kid in the back of class, what a donch.
by tholman'sbitch August 01, 2008
short for donkey punch
I dunched Melinda so hard in the ass that it made a hole straight through her vagina.
by PUBEHEADS February 09, 2005

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