A dumb ass hoe.
Look at that doe she doesn't even know what she is doing.
by bassmaster243 July 21, 2014
Dick Over Everything. When men are a girl's main priority, whether that be for the night or in life.

When a girl chooses a guy over her friends or is super thirsty she is DOE or a DOE.

Can be used as noun or adjective.
Friend- "Macy said she couldn't come out for my birthday because her boyfriend wanted to hangout."
Me -"Ug she is so DOE"

Friend- "We barely saw you last night, you made out with 3 guys."
Me- " Oh no I'm sorry I was a DOE last night!!"
by Kaive July 16, 2014
A slangword for idiots that can't say tho.
That fact doe
- lord 2015
(idiot confirmed)
by Djursland October 31, 2015
A term commonly used in place of the word "though" to add some sense of cool to the end of a sentence.
But you weren't sayin that last night doe
by Jaffray July 15, 2011

1.Term used for dawg or dude more gangster and cooler than using those words.

2.A Female deer.
1. Person 1:What up doe?
Person 2:Nothing much just chillin.

2.I shot that doe right in it neck.
by Tits-dub June 21, 2006

"Doe" can replace the word "though."

(when cuz is used with doe it is in no way gang related)

Doe is upon one of the highest levels of being a bro or cuz.

Doe is used in combination with other terms to show importance and represent more respect towards a person.
"What up doe cuz?"

"sup doe cuz?"

or simply "doe cuz"

A doe cuz shall be more respected then a bro cuz.
by MadA5AdaM May 04, 2011
A black guy who wears his pants low and has braids in his hair. Usually smokes weed too.
Damn, nigga look straight out of doeland!
by mstrwang August 15, 2010

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