Though.Often used with really
"I'm leaving for good this time,really doe"
"You'z a busta,Doe I still love ya"
"Never fuck wit a silly ho,really doe" - Ice Cube
by freddyg October 31, 2005
Lily Potter's patronus.

Severus Snape's patronus.

A female deer.

Harry Potter Trivia: Lily and James were meant to be, she was a doe, and he was a stag- male and female counterparts. Others argue that Lily and Severus were meant to be as his undying love and devotion to her produced the same patronus.
In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Snape sent his doe patronus to help Harry find the sword of Gryffindor.
by Brothersparrow155 December 30, 2011
street term for money
The government know, the kid been lovin' the doe
Since I was movin' white off the curb, and shovelin' snow
by the kid January 23, 2005
Alternative to "though". Frequently used by those in the british grime/underground music scene, and by those looking to sound "hard".
Chris: Dat gyal is peng doe
Chris: It's cool bruv, she jus' fit bruv
by DO NOTWANT October 27, 2010
Dead On Ejaculation. When the guy hasn't cum in 2-3 weeks and has built up such an enormous load, that when the bitch giving him head tries to swallow his load, she chokes on it and dies. Thus she is dead on ejaculation.
My load was so big that the bitch was D.O.E., so I got the fuck out of there before someone could find her.
by Snake Eyes October 30, 2006
The stage of life between girlhood and womanhood. A Canadian slang term which is the female equivalent of "guy."
University guy 1- How ya doin man? Met any does recently?

University guy 2- Nah, I'm still looking.

University guy 1- That sucks! I've just started dating a doe I work with.
by LazyLaD September 01, 2013
Black people slang for "though."
Where dey at doe.
by Theroux May 05, 2015

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