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An accidental child

Prefix and suffix, say waaaa?
Madhar Bhosad: He who worships his mom's vagina


Bhosad papi: He who comes of as an evil vagina.
Bhosdike: He who came from a vagina.
Bhosad gandu: He who likes fuckin a vagina.
Bhosad Land: He who likes fuckin a penis.
Bhosbhand: He who likes fuckin his own mom.
by Bobson November 20, 2003
Can be used as a form of relief word after you have ejaculated.
" Oh chooooot, that felt gooooood"
by Bobson October 28, 2003
Short for Indo. Usually in reference to a fine Indian girl.
Yo, is she a doe?
by Bobson October 28, 2003
hindi version of "dude" or "nizzle"
wipe my ass, chut!
by Bobson October 28, 2003

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