"Date of entry." usually used for diaries.
Bob: When was the DOE?
Jessica: April 6, 2009
by beachcooky September 19, 2009
Derived from dope, not the crack dope, but dope as in cool, chill, sick or ill.
Your new whip is doe, whered you find such an ill ride?
by codman398 March 21, 2008
1) Slang word for dude, man, mang etc.
2) Can also be used as a word describing someone who is uncool or is a female deer.

Plural: Doja
1) What up doe?
2) Eugene was throwing bread at some girls so we told him he was being a doe.
3) Look at those Doja Betas over there.
4) There is a doe moving through the forest.
by Eugene Han January 10, 2006
n. A gangster version for the word "dawg".
Eh yo shaw-ty, me and yo momma gon' hook up on da fifteen of Decemba, aight doe?
Like though but pronounced doe in a relaxed fashion
Why doe
Oi Doe
yeh doe there was this girl doe and omg doe she was hot doe!
by Peter van Aalst May 24, 2008
A deer. A female deer.
Cletus bagged a doe when me and him went a'huntin'.
by Admodeus November 07, 2004
African American word for door.
Tyrone kicked in the front doe of that apartment to rape the bitch inside and steal her TV.
by Maxwell August 30, 2004

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