"Doe" can replace the word "though."

(when cuz is used with doe it is in no way gang related)

Doe is upon one of the highest levels of being a bro or cuz.

Doe is used in combination with other terms to show importance and represent more respect towards a person.
"What up doe cuz?"

"sup doe cuz?"

or simply "doe cuz"

A doe cuz shall be more respected then a bro cuz.
by MadA5AdaM May 04, 2011
A black guy who wears his pants low and has braids in his hair. Usually smokes weed too.
Damn, nigga look straight out of doeland!
by mstrwang August 15, 2010
"Date of entry." usually used for diaries.
Bob: When was the DOE?
Jessica: April 6, 2009
by beachcooky September 19, 2009
Derived from dope, not the crack dope, but dope as in cool, chill, sick or ill.
Your new whip is doe, whered you find such an ill ride?
by codman398 March 21, 2008
n. A gangster version for the word "dawg".
Eh yo shaw-ty, me and yo momma gon' hook up on da fifteen of Decemba, aight doe?
fine ass girl. Life of party, always keeps you going, outgoing, best friends with a megan most likely, isnt affraid to say how they feel, willing to kick some ass if needed.
Doe is the shit
by Dizzoe October 04, 2009
Like though but pronounced doe in a relaxed fashion
Why doe
Oi Doe
yeh doe there was this girl doe and omg doe she was hot doe!
by Peter van Aalst May 24, 2008
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