The act of dick jamming
Dude i totally DJed your sister last night.
by DJDonna September 07, 2010
wow hes such a dj
by fatboy522510 June 14, 2011
verb: the act of female masturbation, a woman vigorously rubbing her clitoris in a motion similar to a disc jockey "scratching" a vinyl record.
"Jenna Haze loves to DJ that clit while taking it in the ass from behind.
by Brad T.D.C. December 17, 2007
Shorthand for Disc-Jockey
no example
by Gumba Gumba February 25, 2004
A pathetic abbreviation for Dick Jockey. They are guys who ride hard dicks like jockeys all night.
Brandon: "Did you see DJ TanMan last night?"
Andy: "Yeah! He was riding that Dick like a pro Jockey!"
Brandon: "Yeah, we should call him Ultism..."
Andy: "That was truly rud!!"
by RudeDudeInTheMood June 21, 2014
DJ is a person that is very cool and loving to most all people. He is a great boyfriend and is very very caring, love his fast cars and is really into computer. He is a guy that is really into is girlfriend.
wow Dj is a really great guy

yeah i wish he was my boyfriend
by missjml October 05, 2010
Disc Jokey
Person which play's music in discos, clubs, partys, and making party atmosphere taling on the mike and mixing music.
by Aljaz November 12, 2003

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