DJ is a person that is very cool and loving to most all people. He is a great boyfriend and is very very caring, love his fast cars and is really into computer. He is a guy that is really into is girlfriend.
wow Dj is a really great guy

yeah i wish he was my boyfriend
by missjml October 05, 2010
The one and only. No one will ever care like Dj, he will do anything for someone in need. He will even hand your pod. Music and arts are a passion and a talent. Believes that the arts are to be loved and cherished. Speaks his mind, and doesn't take crap from ANYONE. If a Dj likes you, keep it that way, if not, run.
"OMG! It's Dj"

"I wouldn't get on Dj's bad side"

"When you're upset Dj, the world is sad."
by Lolkolkdp May 06, 2013
A Dingo Jockey or Dingo Junky:
The nickname often given to women who attract Dingos, usually involuntarily.
--I asked if he wanted to go hang out, now he thinks we're dating!

--Way to go D.J.
by June 06, 2010
White male in his mid 20's. Fantasizes about being a pimp and a playa'. Has the capacity for intelligent thought, but utilizes most of his brain function on video games and street slang. Reveres t-shirts, hats and shoes with a variety of inane slogans and words. Is well liked but has terrible choice of friends. Main redeeming trait is his love of bacon.
I hope David does not continue to be DJ.
by Elvis445 February 04, 2010
Disc Jockeys (Not to be confused with Radio Jockeys) appear at parties to pretend to be making music. Notable for pressing play buttons in their Mac and occasionally raising their hands.
"Man im so cool because im a dj"

fuck u
by pieceofshit21 July 25, 2014
disc jockey
tha dj waz hot in da club
by ThaSharpShuta October 03, 2003
A D-J is an abreviation of "Dead Joke". It saves alot of time and is common slang. Though generally you could say it if someone is annoying you.
by Skating on your Brains March 28, 2009

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