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showing balls or guts
boy that guy sure has some fuckin gumption
by meh July 19, 2003
Boldness, Spunk, Commonsense, Initiative, the Nerve.

"I don't know, but I think what I've got is something slightly resembling... GUMPTION!"-Iris from the Holiday
boldness, audacity, spunk, courage, spark, courage, balls, smarts, Gumption.
by Makro April 14, 2009
The common sense to stand up for what you're thinking. The verbalization of internal feelings without a sugar coating.
Do you possess the gumption that it takes to tell him how you feel?
by shwinga January 10, 2007
The kinda shit that one needs to run across america like Forrest Gump did
See that mofucka play basketball? he got some gumption out there
by gangstavball February 26, 2011
The nerve, the balls, the audacity to do something rude, stupid, or immature.
I can't believe Matt and Sean had the "gumption" to barge in our house at 1:30am without knocking!
by SareBare May 04, 2007
Not been drunk enough to rate high enough on Mary Scotts favourites list.
"Ye haven't got the gumption,go away I want a divorce,booze busters is still open,hmmm,if i wander past my own gate lying flat on some hedges along the way to make it in time then...."
by End of conversation September 29, 2003
The place between your gooch and your balls located at the base of the balls (inbetween). Usually feeling like a small divot.
I told her to lick my ass but she licked my Gumption instead
by Beast Bhullar February 19, 2007
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