Can be a nickname, or an acual name for someone, perferably a boy.

He's an amazing person inside out. A cute, sweet, nice, smart boy. When he loves someone, he loves that person only, and doesnt share it with any other girls. He has an amazing smile, which makes you want to smile, and a laugh that makes you want to laugh along, or smile. Dont take him for granted.
D.J., its about time.
by LOL101 March 27, 2012
A individual who is hired for a nite club or event in which his job is to play music that makes the crowd want to dance.
The DJ that we hire for the event is going to cost us $500.
by Chelsea Carrington October 26, 2005
A verb meaning; To give up. To not try. To approach a task with minimal effort. To show no signs of gumption towards anything productive. To carelessly spend money. To fail at a task, and having given it no heartfelt attempt. To never acheive anything beyond was is required to minimally survive.

Also used as a noun; A person who gives up, does not try, etc...
Verb: The worker DJ'd his job to find one that was less difficult, but just as rewarding. The man's wife was angry at him, so she DJ'd their savings on useless items.

Noun: If that guy wasn't being such a DJ, he'd get some work done around the house. All the retired man did was sit around all day being a DJ.
by Alphacode August 20, 2013

n. Short for disc-jokey.
1. Someone who fills in extra airtime with advertisements.
2. A musician that can blend music in harmony and can add a scrathing effect into songs using two turntables and a mixer at parties.
1. "Maaan that DJ on The X is so dull!"
2. " Hey dude, have you heard DJ BaronT at the paty last night? He was so freeking awsome!"
by DJ BaronT November 10, 2005
Also: DJ-ing or DJ-ed
When, during foreplay, a guy who thinks he knows what he is doing is simultaneously rubbing the clit back and forth with two finger, usually too hard, and squeezing and/or twisting the breasts or nipples of a woman, often resembling the motions of a DJ.

Women do not like this, contrary to popular male beliefs.
I really hate it when my boyfirend DJ's me.
by J!Nx (K!K!) October 03, 2008
When you're making out with a girl, and you start jerking off, she's giving you a sweet DJ.
Jack: dude did you plow that girl last night?

Dan: nah we just made out a little while I jerked off. It was one of the best DJs I've ever gotten.
by Joban Totes January 28, 2012
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