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A Media Search Player that allows you to search and stream any song, video, radio station, or game. You can fully customize your own skin and place it on your favorite social networking site.
Many celebrities such as Dane Cook, G-Unit, & Disturbing the Peace have utilized their custom-made Dizzler player.
by Sevan Aydinian October 03, 2007
One dollar; One unit of currency.
I only got a dizzler
"How much scrilla you got?", "man, I got 4 dizzler's"
by CrimSonSPYder October 10, 2005
any vehical tht runs on diesel
is your truck a dizzler?
sure is buddy :)
by aries;) December 27, 2009
synonym For the word "Dude"

Yo Dizzler, Whats Good
by Hung Like A Mung April 30, 2007
When beating someone up so bad that they are unreconzible.
james slept with john's wife. So john gave james the dizzler, now james wife can't tell it's him.
by elementkid March 02, 2009
a cool nickname for someone who is really cool, but has problems with the ladies due to being physically retarded. someone who everyone likes but must find a blind, mute, deaf dog to fuck.
from now on nathan will be known as the dizzler
by pete-rock December 26, 2003
a tumor on your hand that everyone fears might be cancerous and your friends dad asks you to see a doctor about it..
The Dizzler has a tumor on his hand, so its named after him now.
by Jesoos March 11, 2004

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