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Something that wiggers say to make themselves look black and to feel cool when they are leaving.
Only unintelligent people use the word Dip Set
by jbirdx January 11, 2010
32 36
A code word used in the act of shoplifting to initiate an exit.

after stealing two zebra cakes, you find your friend in the isle. swiftly walk past them, and spit it.

you: dude, let's dipset.

s/he will know exactly what's going down. get outta that store and get those cakes in your belly!
by dopeset May 25, 2009
2 6
to leave whereever u at
yo we bout to dipset. u coming wit us?
by 'stina November 30, 2006
114 118
A mix of Arsenic and Marijuana. It's use has popped up in Eastern PA. It makes a person retarded high for days on end. The downside is that it causes scabs on the outer portion of you brain...
Scene Chick- 'Wanna smoke a bowl of dip set?"
Me- 'Fuck no! I like a scab free brain you slut!'
by Bacterial November 05, 2009
5 11
dipset is the fucking jin, also used in place of any word(s) known to man
Chris: hey jon how much dipset are you in?
jon: im in sooooooo much dipset! what about you?
Chris: trusssssssssssss

how was that party last night?
it was dipset

what exactly is dipset?
dipset is killah

by Devine and J Mo December 08, 2008
9 16
Diplomat Records
...Who you wit, wit, throw up yo set.
Dip Set, Dip Set, Dip Set wat?
by Jdogg03 October 21, 2003
39 46
v-to leave
Hey i gotta dipset outta here.
by arah December 24, 2008
7 15