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The Movement of lifestyle, culture, phrases, swagger, hobbies, and occupations... it's more than music.
In the beggining of this movement it was all a dream. The passion. The dedication. The persistance. To achieve greatness. To reach each and every speaker. From here on out, we didnt land on the rock, we moved the rock! All my niggas from state to state. All my niggas from tear to tear. All my people from nation to nation. Yes, I brought something powerful to me, and Yes, I brought some powerful people with me, and we like to present something we call more than music... Dipset.
- Duke Da God
- More than music
- More than music vol.1
by Ben Burdine April 27, 2006
A douchebag
A loser
A wanna be
A jerk
A party pooper
Danny, stop being such a dipset...
by tekkenplaya May 25, 2009
to bust off; to leave
patna done dipset, my boi.
by Tito_blackerican January 07, 2007
tha shawt version of diplomats
u got that dip set yet
by ju elz cincinnati September 20, 2003
to clown or to punk someone.
Dude, Grabua just got dipset.
by big poppi August 22, 2008
when you work out sometimes there are dip bars. a dipset is when you get done doing a set of dips... the word is actually pretty self explainitory...
yo after this dipset lets dipset outta here and hit up hooters
by jkraut May 21, 2007
harlem diplomatic communittyz engage in heavy drug rotation throu out harlem and other citys and towns but dip set is in harlem thats where you get the juice from and that killer purple kush
its a famose drug spot its called the candy stoe if you want candy and your in the area come to harlems finest 125st and fith ave
by ren February 25, 2005