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Very simply, a skateboard.
Gimme my shralp stick, nigga, so I can bust out with a tre flip.
by DME May 23, 2005
A phrase used when one is completely and utterly pissed off.
"That's the shit that fezzed me up nigga!"
"If you keep fezzing me up, nigga, I'll cutcha!"
by DME May 25, 2005
An affirmative phrase. Used to signify correctness. Can also be used in the forms of simply "Dip." or "Set."
P1: That nigga is trippin, yo.
P2: Dipset.

P1: I hate on niggas who wear black.
P2: Word nigga, dip.

P1: Yo, that foo' Tyree just pissed on a cracka.
P2: OH, DIP?!
by DME May 22, 2005
Abbreviation for status.
That nigga is mad loser stat.
by DME May 23, 2005

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