To leave in hasty manner usually after an awkward or life changing situation.
Thomas dipset from the opium den before the police arrived.
by FLEXmastaFLEX September 26, 2009
Multiple codefendants absconding from a crime scene simultaneously. Also when your gang dips out the back door when either the cops or a rival gang arrives in greater numbers. Also when more than one guy simultaneously dips out the back door after "tag teaming a bitch." Sometimes at the same time, sometimes a coin is flipped to determine who has to deal with coyote arm.
"Dayum nigga, that was a dipset."
"Yea close one nigga."
by bring a diapa May 30, 2009
Having you daily supply of snuff, or other smokeless tobacco product.
Ethan: Yo man, are you dipset for after school?
Tyler: No man, I'm fresh out of cope! I was hoping you could spot me a lip?
Ethan: Damn Son! I ain't puff n' snuff!!
by Snuffy McDipset October 25, 2011
to leave a scene

comes from drug dealers who leave their old place (dip out) when the cops start coming around, and start up business elsewhere (set up). dip out + set up = dipset

also the name of a rap group
yo my place got hot so I'mma dipset over to crenshaw ave next week
by heezgeez May 23, 2009
Any form of leaving or being moved. Something can be dipset, someone can dipset.
Guy (if leaving): I've got to dipset, I hear the police.

Guy (broke a glass): I was running, I hit the table, and that glass dipset to the floor.

Guy (if someone fell): That dude just dipset to the ground!

Guy (if breaking up with a girl):She's not right, I've got to dipset on that relationship!
Verb; To get away from somewhere really fast.
The other night the cops were after me so I had to dipset outta there.
by i party with tim hanks January 16, 2010
Street gang hailing from Harlem, NYC. Known affiliation with the famous rap group 'The Diplomats'.
It's more than music. Dipset The Movement.
by Lord_Manni January 31, 2009
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