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it means peoples .... not pretty please... wut a dumbass..... anyways.. it means PEOPLES!!!! pretty please would b sumthin like plzzzzzzzzzzzz
hey pplz
by jorge jr June 07, 2004
MEANS Peoples! people... the guy was right pretty please????? wtf is dat it means peoplez/ peoples same thing k. peoples ,u ussaly say it when talkin to alot of ppl(which mean people).
Hey pplz how r ya'z
pplz i got to go cya
by ------------------- March 20, 2005
pplz means peoples
all the pplz in the world
#peoples #people #peoplez #ppls #ppl
by Pjukar May 13, 2009
Pretty Please
pplz can you do that?
by <(( ^_^ ))> August 01, 2003
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