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48 definitions by Kiki

When you act like boyfriend girlfriend but you're not actually. it also sometimes does lead to boyfriend girlfriend potencial.
We're not together, we're just DEALING.
by KIKI December 05, 2004
688 139
A Chinese chewy candy coated in rice paper that melts in your mouth. Very yummy. ^_^
Angie gave me a bag of White Rabbits for my birthday!
Hey my brother stole me White Rabbit!
by Kiki April 08, 2005
245 129
Really good book, written by Hubert Selby, Jr. in 1978, published by Thunder's Mouth Press. It depicts three people's spiral deep into addiction on their dreams and drugs.
"I want more drugs."
"Then go get them."
by Kiki December 31, 2004
145 42
Acting giggly and retarded as if you were drunk but its really only because your so damn tired.
"We were punch drunk from staying up so late"
by Kiki February 10, 2004
244 181
Described as what every guy wants. or the perfect girl-friend.
"yo home-boy ova there's got himself a dalilah"
by kiki June 30, 2004
75 39
An extremely delicious deoderent, No white residue, and antiperspirant! Everyone should have it! xD

*Contains Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex Glycine complex. And other words you don't understand, and the company probably doesn't either.*

Push up bottem before every use of Teen Spirit Stick. ...Not your ass, you dipshit. The bottom of the stick.
by KiKi May 15, 2004
49 25
An extremely, hott, classy female attending marlborough high school and much smarter than those attending marymount
She's so totally Marlborough
by Kiki January 12, 2005
225 209