During a slow dance, to lean over and make your partner bend way over backwards, often with a kiss on the lips or throat. A sexy, romantic move you can see in older movies.
"Wow, George and Sherry are crazy about each other. Did you see the way he dipped her last night at the school dance?"

A very slow sexy dip is shown during a ballroom dance in "The Joy Luck Club".
by Jay Young January 15, 2004
when you got a friend on the side that you always dip off from yo man to go be wit. nobody knows but yo close girls about him
my dip is the one who be picking me up behind the corner store after 1:00 every night when my man leave and it's on
A word synonymous to "cool"
Canadian slang.
Girl: "Oh my god, he's so cool!"
Girl 2: "Ohmygod, I know right?! He's so dip."
by k.rish May 29, 2011
to get the hell outta there
Ima bout to Dip from work cuz it's lame
by kcool14 April 15, 2011
An acronym for "Douche in Progress".

1. Someone under the age of 18 who is a douche either because they is influenced by other douches or because that's just who they are.

2. Someone who is borderline douche
1. Hey, did you see that seventh grader over there? He's a total dip.

2. Wow, Jerry is starting to become a real ass. He's shaping up to be a dip.
by CONQUISTADOR99 February 12, 2011
Dip is the shortened version of Dipshit, so you can say Dipshit without swearing.
omg your such a dip, you didnt realise ?
by misssdefinition. October 03, 2010
1.Leaving quickly
2.Short term for dipshit
1."Guys, let's dip"
2.You're a dip
by UrbanGSK September 18, 2009

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