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Short for Dipshit
"i just locked the keys in the car!"
"God, you are such a dip."
by sexyy ;) June 16, 2009
Generally describing an instance in which penetration is achieved in a single motion and then immediately removed. Full intercourse is thus not engaged. This term has been bastardized to include sexual contact where only the tip is inserted repeatedly for the purpose of coaxing the target into full submission. The result is either a hesitant “We should stop”, or a conceding “Ok, get a condom.” Also commonly known as "just the tip" as popularized by Vince Vaughn's character in the movie Wedding Crashers.
“I wasn’t down to fuck cuz she was jockin too hard so I just gave her a dip.”
by dipper5150 May 04, 2009
Verb:1. to exit a situation because:
A) Something is about to go down
B) Your about to do something better somewhere else
C) You want to peel out in your car/motorcycle/big wheel
2. to take something from a friend that you probably could
have asked for and they would have gladly given to you
1. cops pull up to the party. You dip the f'out. OR your chillin with your friends in your friend's living room recovering from the night before, and you realize how hungry you are. "Yo I'm bout to dip out to McDeeznuts and get my grub on ya!" OR you pull a u-turn at a four way intersection at midnight through a red light "YO Bump this, watch me dip the f'out"
2. your friend's eatin cheetos "Yo let me dip on those cheetos CUZ!" you say as you put yo grubby cheeto dippin fingas all up in yo friends business. your friend: "Da F@#! nigga!?"

by MM59 April 27, 2009
Tite peeps use dip as a short hand way to express acceptance or admiration.
Short for dope.
Jborgh: Dawg, I just got into Lewis and Clark.

Uniball: That's some dip shit.
by BDLC March 09, 2009
G-Rated term for saying jerk, dick, retard,loser, prick, asshole, faggot, etc. Use it in place of any offensive word. Best part of using this word is that no one has any clue what you're calling them.
Yup, he's a dip!

This guy has been bein' a dip lately.

Wow he just bumped into me...what a dip.

by hax pex January 28, 2009
A Stupid/retard and or idiot. Can also be a jerk.
Dude, your such a dip.
by nerf12 October 24, 2008
someone that you like but don't have a committed relationship with

someone you have unattached sex with
Jason: Aye Marcus isn't that yo girl over there.
Marcus:Naw she just my dip

by mzpoohbaby July 10, 2008