The act of succeeding in engaging in sexual relations with a female.

The word refers to the motion of 'dipping' ones penis into the females vagina.
Ollie: Hey jimmy i got some mad dips last night!
Jimmy: BLAM!
by Cheddar Bell May 13, 2011
a person who is a total asshole or just a friendly insult
Erick: Dan is suck a dip

You: yeah but hes still our friend

Erick:not mine!
by LDG23 May 23, 2010
(n)Drunk in Public, a pronunciation of the abbreviation for being drunk in public.

verb form; to dip, dippin(g)
Hey brosif, I heard you had a little to much to drink last night.

Yea, I was so faded I got arrested for Dip.

Dude that sucks.


(on the cell phone) Homie where you at?!

I'm dippin' it right now bro, I dont give a fuck!
by BFarme March 20, 2010
The drug phencyclidine, more commonly known as PCP, angle dust, crystal, flakes, rocket fuel, fry, ether, wet, supergrass.

Originated from the dipping of cigarettes or other leafy material into a vial of liquid PCP to be smoked.

Noun: Dip

I smoked this dip once
Got high for six months
Twenty three days
Six hospital stays
And I missed lunch
-Leak Bros

Verb: To Dip
Last time I dipped I ripped open a chain linked fence!
by Stevie Ro May 27, 2008
1)NOUN - Something you say when some one does or says somthing stupid.

2)VERB - Hitting some one on the back of the head after they do somthing dumb or stupid.

3)VERB - A motion used to "dip" some one by putting your hands out straight with fingers together and plams facing eachother and moving them up and down. Like waving straight out in front of you sideways.

Often people make their own ways to "dip" like, "CHIP PARTY! I'LL BRING THE DIP" etc.
1)No man thats a dip!

2)No no! Give me my dip! (hits on the back of the head)

3)Sally: Hey we should go ding dong ditch Toms house!
Fred: Nope nope thats a dip! (does motion)
by lmrocksmysocks February 15, 2008
A female or male you sleep with outside of your committed relationship.
Once my wife leaves, I'm gonna roll down on my Dip.
by Ualkitty1 January 20, 2007
During a slow dance, to lean over and make your partner bend way over backwards, often with a kiss on the lips or throat. A sexy, romantic move you can see in older movies.
"Wow, George and Sherry are crazy about each other. Did you see the way he dipped her last night at the school dance?"

A very slow sexy dip is shown during a ballroom dance in "The Joy Luck Club".
by Jay Young January 15, 2004

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