To leave, to jet, to skiddadle. Used in regions of the eastern United States.
Whoa, I'm late for dinner. I better dip.
by J Daddy K December 11, 2008
to get out of somewhere quickly
yo, lets dip man the cops comin

yo lata guys, i gotta dip
by QMK April 04, 2006
(noun) an individual who displays exceptional qualities of utter stupidity and lack of common sense. The term was originally coined as an abreviation of "dip-shit", but has evolved to describe those who lack even more mental aptness then the common burger flipping dip-shit.
Wow what a dip!
You dip!
Our physics teacher was such a big dip.
by Dizzle Cizzle May 06, 2009
When used in its acronymical form, representing the terms "Doing" "It" and "Partner." A DIP is therefore a person with whom one engages in sexual intercourse/activities. The term can be used as a substitution for girl/boyfriend or in reference to an individual with whome one is only 'messing around.'
Yeah, I always see him with his DIP these days, never has any time for us.

Girlfriend?!? Fuck that, she's just my weekend DIP.
by Blastography June 19, 2004
The act of laying a female on a picnic table, with her head resting off the edge, and jamming your phallus into her mouth
"We put that girl down and took 4, 5, maybe 10 dips each! She was like my neck hurt and i was like 'I bet it do guuurl!"
by Joe Green Dips January 19, 2012
Acronym for "Do In a Pinch". A person who is not outright attractive, but with whom someone would nevertheless engage sexually.
Person A: Whoa, that guy is hot!

Person B: Ehh...he's not that hot but he's definitely a D.I.P.
by Syd1982 October 28, 2009
The act of succeeding in engaging in sexual relations with a female.

The word refers to the motion of 'dipping' ones penis into the females vagina.
Ollie: Hey jimmy i got some mad dips last night!
Jimmy: BLAM!
by Cheddar Bell May 13, 2011

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