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A Slang term for Lesbians
Don't even think about it dawg, she be a Vaginaterian...nawwhaimsain
by OCM March 14, 2003
A Person of East Indian Origin
Yeah Aly is east indian, he's such a dip.
by OCM March 13, 2003
Name made famous by homer simpson.
"We should have named you Homer Junior, the Kids could have called u Hoju"
by OCM March 13, 2003
X-men Reference about seeing a person in a wheel chair.
Have u seen X-Men? HAHA yeah, Wheels
by OCM March 13, 2003
When a person has a jonsing so bad they got's the shakes
Look at that nigga shake..Chronic!
by OCM March 14, 2003

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