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It means the same thing as 'diot.
You don't even deserve the i, you diot!
by hieros gluphein March 29, 2005
Slang for McDonald's, the fast food restaurant
Dude, I'm So hungry, we need to go to Diot!

I could really go for some Diot right now.
by Punkrocknurse September 10, 2008
a obsession with right winged baptist religion. claiming that theres is not a religion but, relationship. Most of the time brainwashed aka bloodwashed
matthew has bee fucking sheltered his whole life hes definently a diot.
by killa smoke man boy July 31, 2008
A contracton of idiot. It is used when the objext of this insult does not even deserve three syllables to describe him or her or it.
AS plasma wolf would say, "You are such a 'diot," mainly because he often speaks in broken english whilst melting bad guys! We know you kids like that!
by hieros gluphein March 17, 2005

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