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A person who leads this kind of life is one who doesn't get out enough, is still pathetically mind-controlled by their parents and is scared shitless of them. Anything fun is presumed to be evil. Common condition in children of very religious families.
Man, what an ass...that kid must be so sheltered
by your momma December 31, 2003
Someone who has been secluded from the real world
Kianna: what does "getting baked" mean?
Amizzl: Damn ur sheltered
#sheltered #real world #baked #kianna #amizzle
by Amizzl December 28, 2007
A person who has been secluded from the darkness and evils of the world. Such as war, murder, suicide, abuse, cutting, rape, amputees, disease, drug abuse, gangsters and mafias.

A person who is sheltered is usually naive, likely religious, and does not know how the world works in reality.

Sheltering your children is a terrible thing and unrecommended. It promotes unawareness and makes them more vulnerable to be taken advantage of by corrupt, evil and manipulative people.
The majority of people in America are pathetically sheltered.
#naive #sheltered #religion #evil #human race #brainwashed
by conspiracies do exist November 13, 2010
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