The small ring of loose skin between the shaft and the crown of the penis
Person 1: Did u get some head last night?

Person 2: Hell ya but her teeth caught on my dink once
by boobytrapper January 03, 2010
to stick something up your ass
Me: Where is the remote
Sal: I don't know
Me: Did you dink it?
by noel_doubt February 21, 2009
Either individual of a marriage in which both are employed or receiving an income and neither have kids.

(Dual Income No Kids)
"Honey, I feel bad taking our kids to that dink house, you know it's not childproof.

or, "Yes, my husband and I are dinks.
(Dual Income No Kids)
by local dink December 29, 2008
Desperately In Need of Knowledge. Often used towards new miltary recruits.
That new recruit is such a Dink.
by Laspen May 07, 2008
A fishing (not sexual) slang for a small fish. Usually its a size smaller than normally targeted.
Throw that back! Googans target dinks - a true fisherman doesn't waste time with that.
by throwinmetal April 29, 2008
1. to assassinate, to overthrow esp. without anyone knowing.

2. to fire somebody esp. with an air of arrogance.
1. I only ask of youse guys to dink him, and what do you do? You let him get away with his life, his memory, and your identities! I'm afraid boys, I'll have to dink you, too. It's coitens (curtains) for yas both!

2. Bob, I'm afraid that, because of your laziness, I'll have to dink you. Clear your office by noon tomorrow or it'll all be thrown away.
by Sai C. January 22, 2008
verb: to mess around with something
I had to dink with that old VCR to get it to work.
by anony-mouse June 29, 2005

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