A "family" with Dual Income & No Kids or a member of such a "family".

Dinks would rather spend their money on luxury cars and vacations than on child expenses.
Dink Member: Awwwwww your kid soooo cute!

Actual Parent: If you pay her tuition you can hold her, otherwise fuck off you dink!
by AbnormalBoy May 24, 2004
fake or rubbish {dope}
thats fucking dink man
by gfdgrf November 13, 2003
to hit a large blunt while enjoying it completely. usually used in repetative form. commonly used by main line african americans.
" YO ZO ZO, i'm tryna DINK DINKKKKK!!"
by ayybrayybrayy October 08, 2009
A word used frequently by awesome people to describe slightly less awesome people.
Person 1: *sigh* I'm not that awesome ..
Person 2: HAHAHA ! Dink ..
by coolioperson764764 April 20, 2009
Someone who knows way to much about music
Shelby is a dink because she knows the origin of every Guns N Roses song.
by STSG July 10, 2008
its a word used when someone says something dumb or stupid.
Paul: why did the chicken cross the road?
Ann: why?
Paul: to get to the other side...hahahaha
Ann: dink, paul....dink.
Ann: dumbass!!
by Bubbles the Destroyer July 10, 2008
1. person who is very vague
2. person who has unattainable goals
yartza: wow i never knew californication was so good
giovani: duh, you're a dink
by Giovani G. July 10, 2008

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