a "nice word" for dick
I have a big dink... You dink!
by guess who January 13, 2005
a fool or tard
ur a dink guy
by brad January 19, 2004
awesome, wonderful, cool, hot, smokin', amazing, intense, fabulous, delicious
This white powdered sugar cakey confection is absolutely dink!
by dinky winky November 11, 2011
A transgender whore's penis. The equivalent of a cunt.
"You're a dink!"
by skankafarian August 12, 2010
A word that can replace any other word. This word can be used as a verb, noun, adjective, adverb, etc.
Hope you are having a dinky day!

You are such a dink!

Don't dink this up!
by Dinkerbell March 21, 2009
Double Income No Kids
I have a pair of DINKs at my work and they both have iPhones.
by ALLY$0N March 01, 2008
The last puff on a cigarette. Little tobacco, mostly filter.
Synonym: dinkers
"Would you care for this dink?"
by Roger and Emily February 13, 2008

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