Double Income No Kids
I have a pair of DINKs at my work and they both have iPhones.
by ALLY$0N March 01, 2008
A polite version of dick or asshole.
"my boss is a real dink."
by crash1 June 03, 2005
a fool or tard
ur a dink guy
by brad January 19, 2004
The last puff on a cigarette. Little tobacco, mostly filter.
Synonym: dinkers
"Would you care for this dink?"
by Roger and Emily February 13, 2008
Appropriate for males only, a specific type of "Asshole", a Dink is an asshole that is not only contemptible, but commands no respect, and is incapable of posing any conceivable threat to a stronger person (physically, intellectually, spiritually, or in any other sense).
"That guy's not even worthy of being called an asshole. He's just a dink. My grandmother could whip him."
by MothMusic January 20, 2008
Delinquent. Used often in the US Navy when a person is late in getting qualifications done. Often, a 'dink' person has to attend 'dink stuty' after normal working hours.
You didn't get your qualification points this week? You're dink. Report to dink study at 1800.
by Will Coleman April 09, 2007
Small girl with big boots.
"My Midget Minion Amanda, is a Dink"
by YOUR FREAKIN HERO February 27, 2007

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