1. person who is very vague
2. person who has unattainable goals
yartza: wow i never knew californication was so good
giovani: duh, you're a dink
by Giovani G. July 10, 2008
A tainted form of cannabis. Usually a form of Moroccan Black with something added. Harsh to smoke. Giving off a smell like burning flip-flop!
Don't smoke anymore of that dink, it's stinking up the place.
by maka lar January 18, 2007
U.S. Navy slang for "delinquent." Specifically, it refers to a sailor being delinquent in his/her qualifications.

Dink does not mean that a sailor is a shitbag (i.e., bad personal hygiene, disrespectful to superiors, etc.). It only refers to the sailor's state of laziness in pursuing his/her qualifications.

You might also hear sailors using "dink" to refer to someone not in the Navy or any armed force. Usually, it will be to comment on someone's (usually a civilian) lack of knowledge about anything Navy-related.
- Chief: "Hey DC3 Swenson, are you qualified for Inport Equipment Monitor yet?"
- DC3 Swenson: "Sorry Chief, I'm still dink."
- Chief: "Dammit Swenson, you've been dink in that watchstation for a year and a half now! Your liberty is secured until you get qualified!"

- Sailor A: Man, I bought this hooker last night and when I said I was in the Navy, she asked if I've ever killed a guy. Do I look like a SEAL to you?
- Sailor B: Sounds like she's dink in her knowledge of what we do, which is drink coffee all day.
by Swivelnutz February 10, 2012
When you sit on someones bicycle handlebars or stand on their grind pegs as a means of transportation
"How'd you get here if you don't have a bike then?"
"Oh, Sean dinked me here"
"You two are poofs"
by Jesse-Rayge December 22, 2008
small, tiny
Forget it that scratch is dink as hell! He/She will never notice.
by Dom February 03, 2004
A tiny little cock.
He had a dink but he didn't care because she sucked it anyway.
by poopyfartsy September 26, 2007
severe or hard punches. originated as a corruption of the word digs.
Throw Some Dinks!
That Guy Is Lookin To Get Some Dinks...
by DavidLiew September 05, 2007

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