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A tainted form of cannabis. Usually a form of Moroccan Black with something added. Harsh to smoke. Giving off a smell like burning flip-flop!
Don't smoke anymore of that dink, it's stinking up the place.
by maka lar January 18, 2007
6 17
verb: to mess around with something
I had to dink with that old VCR to get it to work.
by anony-mouse June 29, 2005
8 19
small, tiny
Forget it that scratch is dink as hell! He/She will never notice.
by Dom February 03, 2004
11 22
A tiny little cock.
He had a dink but he didn't care because she sucked it anyway.
by poopyfartsy September 26, 2007
33 45
The action of hitting an opposing player in the head with 1 bullet wounding them greatly but not causing death.
Most communly used in first person shooter games and is used to relay the information that the opponant is hurt badly to your teammates.
Normally if you are close enough you can hear the sound which makes a lound "dink" hence the deffinition
"Oh man I didn't kill him but I dinked him to 10 hp."
"Go man rush him hard I dinked him already!"
by MacKaySauce March 18, 2005
15 27
A silly person
You are such a dink for doing that!
by Misty July 10, 2003
11 23
a homosexual, a man who engages in sexual acts with another man
Riles is the king of dink, his nickname is dinkman
by /dhdfsajkjhfg September 02, 2008
0 13