to explore an area with no certain purpose or particular reason.
"Daddy?...Marc and I are wondering what we are going to do today."

"Cienna,... tell your brother to dress warm.. we are going to just dink around Seattle today"
by Miller3339 January 03, 2012
A dork, a nerd; usually messes everything up and is super clumsy
Dude, he just spilled our drinks. What a DINK@
by KandiFunkiFreshh November 22, 2010
Condescending word for a Vietnamese person. Probably the most popular word during the Vietnam war after "fuck" and "shit".
Dinks ambushed us when we were at point Makrel. We lost Schneider. Stupid kike-FNG. He got his brains blown off by an Drag'. So, we called in artillery by using Cock's PRC-25 and Firebase Streetgang One didn't stop lobbing HE-rounds until fried rice fell down from the sky.
by Ali. S February 21, 2007
Onomatopoeia. When two noses touch gently against each other to show affection. "Dink" must be said during the process.
(Noses touch gently)
Boy:Dink :)
Girl: hehe
by v&h June 06, 2010
a veryyy small butt. people with these usually wish they had a donk.
person 1: " I wish i had a donk."
person 2: " Sorry, but you're stuck with a dink."
by peace[: January 07, 2010
Appropriate for males only, a specific type of "Asshole", a Dink is an asshole that is not only contemptible, but commands no respect, and is incapable of posing any conceivable threat to a stronger person (physically, intellectually, spiritually, or in any other sense).
"That guy's not even worthy of being called an asshole. He's just a dink. My grandmother could whip him."
by MothMusic January 20, 2008
v., and n. or adj. ("dinking") -- a common high school and college WRESTLING TERM which refers to the act of controlling or distracting an opponent by pressing hard with the fingers into the anal area of the opponent
The wrestler was able to break the Saturday Night hold by dinking his opponent.
by jacemca November 25, 2007
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