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Getting a headshot in a first person shooter.
Comes from Counter-Strike in which if you got a headshot on a player, it would typically make a sound described as a "dink".
It was just me left, then I dinked all of the last 3 people! So clutch!
by miniusb July 19, 2014
to explore an area with no certain purpose or particular reason.
"Daddy?...Marc and I are wondering what we are going to do today."

"Cienna,... tell your brother to dress warm.. we are going to just dink around Seattle today"
by Miller3339 January 03, 2012
An adult whose clothing is still chosen by their mother and dresses accordingly.
Man, that guy is such a dink.
by Gothedons May 31, 2013
to do nothing, and do it with pride.
quit dinkin around and get back to work.
by Pseudonym Psteve September 24, 2004
Dink (n):- Someone who is acting stupid; lame; annoying
- A hair on a whales penis
- Anyone named Casey, Emily, or Jessica.
Ex 1.)
You are such a dink!

Ex 2.)
The rare whales dinks were being sold for a fortune to make authentic paint brushes.
by youarenotthesun June 25, 2009
Slang term for the Vietcong
"Scratch one dink"
by Canuk December 20, 2004
(n.) Someone who has surpassed the term "faggot"

One who is as annoying as he is stupid
That Nate kid is such a dink. All he does is sit at our lunch table uninvited and make stupid and annoying comments!
by afay19 April 04, 2011