Australian caloquialism for pillian riding on a bicycle. A double.
kid 1 "I'm riding to the shops"

kid 2 "give me a dink?"
by deb June 10, 2004
(n.) Someone who has surpassed the term "faggot"

One who is as annoying as he is stupid
That Nate kid is such a dink. All he does is sit at our lunch table uninvited and make stupid and annoying comments!
by afay19 April 04, 2011
A deadbeat dad, who runs around making plays all day, tricks off on that bitch Drama, but than says he has no money. A nigga who's still out here selling stepped on work, and moved from Cambridge to Mattapan because nobody likes him. He be burning.
That nigga Dink got knocked the fuck out in Om
by The First BM September 02, 2013
An adult whose clothing is still chosen by their mother and dresses accordingly.
Man, that guy is such a dink.
by Gothedons May 31, 2013

1. A married couple in which both spouses are working full time jobs and neither of them have kids

2. Used to describe people of the same gender who act unmature or are just complete dumbasses. Can also refer to a friend of a friend who seems like a douchebag or acts like a 12 year old.

3. Someone who says YOLO or SWAG often, thinking they're cool but really sounding like shartbags
Girl: Did you see that random ass girl on urban dictionary trying to be funny?
Guy: Yeah, she's such a dink.

Guy: Are you coming to the party?
Guy 2: Yeah, and I'm bringing my friend Dumbass McGee.
Guy: Your friend is such a dink
by HarryStyles'MatingCall February 15, 2015
Dink (n):- Someone who is acting stupid; lame; annoying
- A hair on a whales penis
- Anyone named Casey, Emily, or Jessica.
Ex 1.)
You are such a dink!

Ex 2.)
The rare whales dinks were being sold for a fortune to make authentic paint brushes.
by youarenotthesun June 25, 2009
Slang term for the Vietcong
"Scratch one dink"
by Canuk December 20, 2004

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