Onomatopoeia. When two noses touch gently against each other to show affection. "Dink" must be said during the process.
(Noses touch gently)
Boy:Dink :)
Girl: hehe
by v&h June 06, 2010
a veryyy small butt. people with these usually wish they had a donk.
person 1: " I wish i had a donk."
person 2: " Sorry, but you're stuck with a dink."
by peace[: January 07, 2010
Appropriate for males only, a specific type of "Asshole", a Dink is an asshole that is not only contemptible, but commands no respect, and is incapable of posing any conceivable threat to a stronger person (physically, intellectually, spiritually, or in any other sense).
"That guy's not even worthy of being called an asshole. He's just a dink. My grandmother could whip him."
by MothMusic January 20, 2008
v., and n. or adj. ("dinking") -- a common high school and college WRESTLING TERM which refers to the act of controlling or distracting an opponent by pressing hard with the fingers into the anal area of the opponent
The wrestler was able to break the Saturday Night hold by dinking his opponent.
by jacemca November 25, 2007
Originally a volleyball term, referring to to a play wherein the ball is set up as for a spike, but the forward slows her hand at the last moment and lightly taps the ball over the net.

Because of its funny sound, similar to several vulgar terms, and perhaps by association with rinky-dink "dink" has come to be used as a generic vulgar catch-all, somewhat like smurf.

Dink was also an influential hard rock/industrial band from Kent, Ohio from 1992 to 1998
She stuck her fist in and dinked the ball over the net, scoring the final point!
by C. L. Marquette November 06, 2007
1. double income no kids

2. a disparaging term for a person of East Asian nationality or decent
He got fired for calling his co-worker a dink.
by Light Joker October 06, 2004
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