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Originally a volleyball term, referring to to a play wherein the ball is set up as for a spike, but the forward slows her hand at the last moment and lightly taps the ball over the net.

Because of its funny sound, similar to several vulgar terms, and perhaps by association with rinky-dink "dink" has come to be used as a generic vulgar catch-all, somewhat like smurf.

Dink was also an influential hard rock/industrial band from Kent, Ohio from 1992 to 1998
She stuck her fist in and dinked the ball over the net, scoring the final point!
by C. L. Marquette November 06, 2007
Condescending word for a Vietnamese person. Probably the most popular word during the Vietnam war after "fuck" and "shit".
Dinks ambushed us when we were at point Makrel. We lost Schneider. Stupid kike-FNG. He got his brains blown off by an Drag'. So, we called in artillery by using Cock's PRC-25 and Firebase Streetgang One didn't stop lobbing HE-rounds until fried rice fell down from the sky.
by Ali. S February 21, 2007
awesome, wonderful, cool, hot, smokin', amazing, intense, fabulous, delicious
This white powdered sugar cakey confection is absolutely dink!
by dinky winky November 11, 2011
A Fat Man In A Red Beanie That Pretends To Be A Rap Artist. Wannabe Eminem
That kid that thinks he is cool is a dink.
by Fireworx April 05, 2011
A transgender whore's penis. The equivalent of a cunt.
"You're a dink!"
by skankafarian August 12, 2010
A dumb chink.
Jason: Damn! I thought all Chinese are smart, that exchange student from China in my Math class could do shit!

Eric: Yea, what a dink...
by Gangstud May 18, 2010
a veryyy small butt. people with these usually wish they had a donk.
person 1: " I wish i had a donk."
person 2: " Sorry, but you're stuck with a dink."
by peace[: January 07, 2010