D.N.Q. - in screenwriting competitions, a dink is a script that Did Not Qualify, or make it past the first cut.
My script was dinked; it didn't even make it into the quarterfinal round.
by facebookworm July 23, 2012
a New England term referring to someone being an ass-hole or an idiot.
Guy 1, "What is photosynthesis?"
Guy 2, "Don't be such a dink, its how plants make energy"
by The Dirty Mainah February 26, 2013
A disguised term of endearment used by a homosexual husband to his unsuspecting wife, often an inside joke between he and his gay lover from work.
When he called her "dink," it slightly filled the unexplained emptiness she felt inside.
by Sal-E March 07, 2012
Commonly used word for a man who acts like an "ass," "jerk" or other synonym in public - It is not uncommon to experience an exorbitant amount of anger towards these individuals... especially if you encounter them in your daily life.

These individuals typically have few friends and are typically not surprised to be called such names.
"Did you see that guy! He almost hit my car... what a dink!"

"I hate that man... he is such a dink"

by tjmoney February 04, 2010
Getting a headshot in a first person shooter.
Comes from Counter-Strike in which if you got a headshot on a player, it would typically make a sound described as a "dink".
It was just me left, then I dinked all of the last 3 people! So clutch!
by miniusb July 19, 2014
to do nothing, and do it with pride.
quit dinkin around and get back to work.
by Pseudonym Psteve September 24, 2004
multiple or severe punches
throw some dinks (kick him in his head, break his glasses)
by The 4 September 01, 2007

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