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A childs toy from the 1970's that consisted of a platic table-tennis like bat with a rubber ball attached to the centre by elastic.
The ball could be hit repeatedly and always come back.
whack, whack, whack... and so on.
by Or am I the Dog January 09, 2004
48 45
n. - One who appears foolish, helpless, or ignorant. Possibly derived from the typographical "dingbat", refering to tendency of one described as a dingbat to put hearts, smilies, and other superfluous cute symbols on written correspondence.
That girl acts helpless and stupid like a dingbat, but underneath it all, she might be more intelligent than she gives herself credit for.
by Edge of Blade September 24, 2008
27 30
a person who is dumb. Like an airhead.
nikko: "yea, this dingbat over here couldn't even figure out how to net a lobster."
by ALEX ARTEAGA August 15, 2008
8 11
a term used to describe a person (often a woman) who does not think before acting and most times acts on pure impulse.
Some start off intellectually or emotionally retarted which eventually leads to being a dingbat. Others are born that way and are cursed with being a dingbat for life.
ex: I dated some real dumb chicks, but that Courtney girl was the biggest "dingbat" I ever encountered.
by non-dingbat July 05, 2003
171 174
Female, and perhaps effeminate males, that are exceptionally flighty and irresponsible are often called dingbats. Reason and accountability are concepts that dingbats refuse to acknowledge.
The dingbat got a speeding ticket on the way to her hair appointment. She was not upset about receiving the citation, but was very unsatisfied and upset about her bad haircut.
by Rook's Buddy May 10, 2010
24 28
A person who has both the desire and opportunity to fuck, but fritters it away with inane worries of love.
You know who you are... dingbat! ;-)
by Sunim Etamtalf September 04, 2011
9 14
a person from Eastern TN who embodies GRITS (girls raised in the south).
I saw a dingbat this morning at Wal-Mart.
by Man on a Wire August 03, 2009
5 11