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A tourist place that has a lot to do away from the resort area but not many tourists actually do.
Wow, I didn't realize Honolulu was so much like Las Vegas.
by mojave August 17, 2003
Popular juvenile term likening small, pointy breasts to a finger through a length of fabric.
Did you see the new girl in class? She sure does has an obvious set of finger tits!
by Mojave April 28, 2005
An after work drink with friends; no more than two or three drinks, preferably at happy hour prices.

Jon: Hey mate, wanna go out for a quick friendly today?
Joe: Sure. That should work swell seeing I have to be home by 6:30 for a family event.
#drink #nightcap #bar-hopping #clubbing #pub-crawl
by Mojave July 05, 2006
n., (1) Small thumb or flash drive powered by a computers USB port.

(2) Any device that is about the size of one's thumb that has a name you cannot remember.
"Jon, can you bring over your nubby so I can transfer these files to my laptop?"
by Mojave May 05, 2005
Underground term for the drug ecstacy.
We're going about the town tonight; do you have a line on any dingbats?
by Mojave April 20, 2005
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