a term used to describe a person (often a woman) who does not think before acting and most times acts on pure impulse.
Some start off intellectually or emotionally retarted which eventually leads to being a dingbat. Others are born that way and are cursed with being a dingbat for life.
ex: I dated some real dumb chicks, but that Courtney girl was the biggest "dingbat" I ever encountered.
by non-dingbat July 05, 2003
A social idiot who does stupid things because they're a retard.
Daniel was being a total dingbat the other day when he kept reusing old "your mom!" jokes.
by Jesssssssss Rachel June 12, 2008
A person who has both the desire and opportunity to fuck, but fritters it away with inane worries of love.
You know who you are... dingbat! ;-)
by Sunim Etamtalf September 04, 2011
a person from Eastern TN who embodies GRITS (girls raised in the south).
I saw a dingbat this morning at Wal-Mart.
by Man on a Wire August 03, 2009
anyone who teaches that michael was, is or, will ever be as exalted as the Lord Jesus Christ.
the WBTS is run by ding-bats.
by Chase Lee January 30, 2008
A bat that is flying into a metal object, making the sound 'ding!'
Did you see that ding bat? It was the loudest one to fly into that pole yet!
by lungsgnul January 29, 2010
A person who is acting in a very dingbat-ish manner. Someone who is not 'with it today'. Someone who should be taught a thing or two about how to act around people.


*Someone walks into a lampost*, "Oh you dingbat!"

She says, "Hahaha, look, isn't an email like...writing a letter to your future self?"
They say, "You know what? You're a dingbat!"
by Rhea And Tash January 09, 2009
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