A person who is acting in a very dingbat-ish manner. Someone who is not 'with it today'. Someone who should be taught a thing or two about how to act around people.
*Someone walks into a lampost*, "Oh you dingbat!"

She says, "Hahaha, look, isn't an email like...writing a letter to your future self?"
They say, "You know what? You're a dingbat!"

The act of one person excessively sending multiple text messages to another, all saying the exact same thing (mostly 'dingbat', or variations such as 'dingb't' or 'you got dingbatted')
Presumably only utilized by people on unlimited text contracts, and sent to those without such means to respond, therefore humiliating the recipient. The fun in greatly increased when the target is in class or if the text message reads something offensive or embarassing.
OH NO, Ivo just DINGBATTED me! I've got a hundred texts and they all say "DINGBAT
by bushboibeats October 14, 2010
A really awesome word. Used in any situation, but only if you're good enough for it. Not to be used by n00bs, or anyone named nic. Please note: You should not use this on people with whom you could get in trouble...not smart.
*girl dying in gutter*
"get out of the gutter you dingbat!"
"omg, i can't believe you called my girlfriend a dingbat, you knoooooow!"
by Katey&Dani May 18, 2008
a weird person or thing because they act differently from everyone else.
Dude, no wonder your friend live in Spreckles St. she's such a dingbat.
by not a dingbat September 18, 2005
One who is named Scott and enjoys sleeping all day, hounding his wife, annoying all of his children, especally his oldest, and hassels his dogs.
OMG, there goes that dingbat again.
by ash-a-lee January 06, 2008
Underground term for the drug ecstacy.
We're going about the town tonight; do you have a line on any dingbats?
by Mojave April 20, 2005
i think a dingbat is a foolish or a out of act person
stop being such a dingbat
by unicornsareunderattack June 24, 2016
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