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New England is a region of the United States and is made up of 5 1/2 states. The states in New England are: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and northern and eastern Connecticut*.

New England is best known for its awesome sports teams (both professional and college). It is also home to the greatest fair in the country.

If you can live it in New England you can pretty much live anywhere in the entire world, as New England has a little bit of everything. Generally nice people (interestingly enough the farther north you go the nicer they get). It is true that New Englanders have a different way of driving but it doesn't make us rude it makes us in a hurry!

* As a Nutmugger I'd like to set the record straight on this matter. South-western Connecticut is NOT part of New England and arguable it isn't even part of Connecticut. It is made up of rich executives who work in New York and their trophy wives. The be a bit more specific I am referring to the 203 area (as opposed to the 860 area). The 203 area is full of rich white collar executives and the vultures that feed of of their excess wealth (maids, butlers, drivers, ect..). They worship the cult that sometimes goes by the name of "New York Yankees" and other times goes by the name of "New York Giants". They don't have rough hands and they hire people to mow their lawns and shovel their drive ways (of course if I has a 5 acre lawn and a 3 mile drive I'd do the same...).
1: "I'm from Manchester, Connecticut."
2: "So you're not part of New England than?

1:"No Manchester is in the 860 area. You are referring to the 203 area. Down their they don't work and live off the stock market and inheritances. In the 860 we have to hack it like all the other people from New England."
2: "Ah I never understood that difference before."

New England is home to wicked cold winters and the wicked humid summers.
by Nutmeggah October 08, 2011
An emphatic "yeah"
"Would you like to go to the movies with me?"
-"Sure thing, that sounds great!"
by Nutmeggah December 07, 2012

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