To inject drugs,the act of injecting drugs
"does he snort coke,no he digs it"
"He went home to have a dig of heroin"
by mooncatt March 29, 2008
home;place of residence
"my bro just moved into new digs across town."
by bmoc November 05, 2003
A redneck way of saying i gotta go, or used to describe what a truck or person is doing.
"That boy is Diggin' in that truck"
"I gotta dig" (I gotta go)
by MASTER GNOME JH November 09, 2011
An inning in baseball if you're from Australia
He pitched 8 solid digs last night.
by The cool q December 03, 2013
To like someone or something
Sam:am digging(verb) this sandwish
by Zeze May 01, 2014
Acronym for Dirty Iowa Girls. Mainly used in reference to dirty girls that go to the University of Iowa.
Dude, did you see those DIG's last night? They were nasty.
by knaf February 26, 2010
A pussy
Whats up dig?
Quit being such a dig!
I can't wait to get some dig tonight.
by DJ Diddymister November 15, 2009

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