The diet version of a carbonated soft drink made by Coca-cola (formerly known as Coke)
Although not yet proven, many doctors feel that some of the sugar substitutes may cause cancer
hence, the commonly used term "cancer in a bottle"
"Doctor, why has my husband gotten cancer??"

"I'm sorry Jane, it appears that he has recently been drinking Diet Coke"
by defiler19 April 11, 2010
A drink with no nutritional value but apparently some people like how it tastes. Water seems like a much better substitute for diet coke or diet anything for that matter.
Drive-thru attendant: "Would you like a drink with that?"

Dude 1: "How much is a drink - a diet coke?"

Attendant: "It's 1.29."

Dude 2(in car too): "Dude, ask for water and see if they charge."

Dude 1: "Ummm.. how much do you charge for a small cup of water."

Attendant: "It's free."

Dude 2: "Get that, and one for me too. After all, aren't we saving up for our future rides hopefully?"

Dude 1: "Word." *To attendant*: "Water it is then. We'll have the H two O sweetie."

Dude 2: "Good deal man."
by Adel7 September 10, 2007
Cocaine - as used by the rap group Clipse in the song "Hello New World".
Baggin' up grams at the Hyatt though. The news called it crack, I called it Diet Coke.
by TheManHere June 08, 2007
a) Diet CocaCola
b) Artificial sweetener snorted by dumb diet-crazed blondes.
The coke in the silver can.

What that dumb chick in math has on her nose.
by Macadaciouse May 05, 2004
Extension of the initialism DC, short for 'dirty chirpse'. A massively flirtatious comment; a filthy schweff.
creep: Your eyes are beauteous, green pools of tranquility, O paragon of womanhood.

girl: thanks a bunch

me: errm any diet coke up in here?
by Jocelyn Grant-Menzies August 29, 2011
What people drink to be "healthy", it is in fact far more unhealthy than regular Coke due to the aspartame contained within which can eat holes in the brain.
"Got any Diet Coke?"
"No, but I've got some drano you can chug."
by Angry Liberal June 01, 2005
A soft oddly coloured beverage from coco-cola
The dieting is simple, much of the liquid is replaced with gas. Also refered to later on as farts or trumps
Unlike the original though it doesnt leave you feeling like your teeth are rubber coated. Therefore feeling much more human and not made from cheap plastic or have teeth made from bits of old erasers.
Becky 'Please can I order a glass of diet coke, i dont feel like getting my brand new set of teeth all rubbery.'
by bexangel December 28, 2008

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