A bastardised decaffinated and low joule version of the best soft drink in the universe.

Can also be used as an insult:
"You are the diet coke of evil" - Mike Myers, Austin Powers.

"You diet coke sir, taste like ass"
by Lucifer February 26, 2005
The stuff I can't get enuff of; second to sex. Diet Coke is my beverage of choice!!!! I can go through a twelve pack of Diet Coke in two days. I am addicted to Diet Coke.
Diet Coke is the best soda ever!!!
by Lilia September 17, 2005
The nastiest stuff that ever appeared in the universe.... just get a Mt. Dew
after trying to tolerate a single 8 oz can of this flavorless syrup he gave up and went back to his Mt. Dew
by Brad Dabbs July 23, 2005
Forerly a diet cola this variation of Coke was modified by midwesterners much like coke and cherry coke to carry non-beverage like connotations. Diet Coke refers to something gay and is used as a tactful way of insult.
That pink and Purple Miata is Diet Coke. Those guys on queer eye are Diet Coke. That blonde spikey haircut of yours is diet coke.
by Nathan Voelker & Drew Fitch October 03, 2004
Nickname for nasal snuff.
I didn't feel like taking a lipper so I had some Diet Coke.
by Buck47 March 22, 2006
A person who will many times be known as a trix. One who does not have all the flavor and has a poor aftertaste. A person who follows. Many times known as a f***ing Brian
Jack is just a Diet Coke, dude. He adds nothing to our group flavor as a whole.
by FoPaSean March 25, 2007
Imitation Coca-cola that has no sugar in it. Tastes okay, but is absolutely filled to the freaking brim with all sorts of chemicals that cause CANCER. (i.e. saccharin, aspartame) I swear, the entire diet coke generation is going to DIE when they are 40 years old of cancer.
Oh, you WANT cancer? Here, have a diet coke.

mmm..... cancer.
by w00tster January 05, 2005

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