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The act of inappropriately touching a person under the legal age of sexual activities. Usually performed by Fry Shapland and Jay Inglis. Can be done in any occasion and can also be related to Paedophilia
Jay: "Holy shit did you hear about fry?"
Kaycee: "No, Jay you handsome fellow to tell?"
Jay: "Apparently he diddled the hell into an entire Orphanage"
by Not Big Jay January 30, 2011
To be tricked, decieved or outdone. To be imbibed with false accountancies of produce.
Person 1: Hey guys i just got a Mars bar for 70p from the shop.

Person 2: They're 40p next door man.

Person 1: Really?

Person 3: It seems that you've been diddled my friend
by SummerOnions March 27, 2009
Conned by a northerner
Guy 1: That tradesman overcharged me for the wall he built for me
Guy 2: By how much???
Guy 1: £2000
Guy 2: You've been diddled mate
by morgjones13 November 12, 2015
to be raped by a dinosaur, preferably a t-rex.
Yo man, I was walking home from the subway station last night and I got diddled by some guy in a Barney costume!
by jammer2500 September 16, 2008
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