there are several meanings:
1.) to ejaculate
2.) an insult, like asshole or fart knock
3.) to have feces on one's penis after anal
4.) when the colon is connected to the urethra, causing the man to defecate from his penis
5.) to excrete out a man's penis
1.) oh baby, i'm going to dickshit in you!
2.) lick my butthole you dickshit
3.) eww girl, you gave me a dickshit

examples 4 and 5 can be heard on the Vonal-Ksz demo "Diced Uterus in Rectal Slop"
by skunk_carcass May 06, 2004
Top Definition
A legitimate Indian surname with unfortunate connotations in the English-speaking world.
"Chief Minister of Delhi, Sheila Dickshit, has fallen in the line"
#dikshit #dick #shit #india #surname
by gzk September 18, 2006
An insult so vile and low it can only be used to describe the most horrifically cruel and evil person.
Your parental units are such Dickshits for making you babysit your grandma!
by tELLmEyOURSfIRST May 30, 2003
pretty much an asshole, but it's funner to say
shut up dickshit!
#asshole #dick #shit #ass #hole
by saralin January 04, 2009
To have nothing or Value of an item to be worthless.
"You got dick shit, bitch"
#worthless #poor #valueless #broke #broken
by Anon-in-Illinois October 21, 2005
Shit on a penis right after it has been pulled out of the anus and rectum.
"The only problem with anal sex is getting dick shit."
#dick #penis #anal sex #shit #feces
by Dalhusky August 28, 2006
Shit left on the tip of your dick after pulling out of a girl's ass.
"..yeah, I heard he pulled out and wiped the dickshit on her blanket."
"Good for him."
by Notcam March 13, 2003
When your lost between calling someone a "dickhead" or "piece of shit" you blurt "dick-shit".
B1- your such a fake.
B2- yeah? Well your a dick-shit..
#dick #shit #brain-fart #dickhead #shithead
by Cherry-Ninjaa. July 21, 2014
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