When having anal sex, the feces enter through the urethra and it comes out like a play-dough machine. The noodle-like object can then be used as a meal or as a toy.
After Wyatt pulled out last night, shit came out of his dick and it looked like a ramen noodle. He said he was sorry for the dick shit.
by Seamypick February 08, 2015
there are several meanings:
1.) to ejaculate
2.) an insult, like asshole or fart knock
3.) to have feces on one's penis after anal
4.) when the colon is connected to the urethra, causing the man to defecate from his penis
5.) to excrete out a man's penis
1.) oh baby, i'm going to dickshit in you!
2.) lick my butthole you dickshit
3.) eww girl, you gave me a dickshit

examples 4 and 5 can be heard on the Vonal-Ksz demo "Diced Uterus in Rectal Slop"
by skunk_carcass May 06, 2004
when you see something so amazing or eat something so delicious that you almost defacate out of your penis
Nick Swardson: I almost took a shit, out of my dick! (dick shit)
by seriously hoo farted September 04, 2010
When someone is having anal intercourse and pieces of fecal matter become present in the male organ's urethra. When the man ejaculates the cum is a brownish sludge, and this is the dick-shit.
When Ben was nailing Courtney in her butt last night, he ended up with poop in his penis and when he came he dick-shitted all over her mouth.
by redrobbins July 24, 2010
The guy on the opposite team when playing Call of Duty: MW or MW2. He is the homo with the sniper and can always be found by the most obvious camping spots, because he is a dickshits.
But in return, you must knife him to better his obnoxiousness.
Game loading...

EternalDescent: "I know there's going to be a.."


Dickshits: "haha dumbshit!"

*Eternaldescent knifed dickshits*
by Dickshits February 07, 2010
someone who does something really stupid
i cannot beleive you did that you dick-shit
by clarkeyboy June 07, 2005
Dickshit can mean shitdick and also mean someone that is a retard. Incapable of having any laughs and with a dick up their ass.
karina: hey dickshit! hows it going?
sammi: hey shitdick! im good, how r u?
karina: good man!
by poppopcorn December 07, 2013

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