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1. one who attracts homosexuals.
Get the fuck off dude, i'm trying to pick up a chick and you're dickbait.
by Crazedjoker January 21, 2007
Like click bait but purely for men. Those fake accounts who follow you on insta for a day with fit as fuck profile pictures and dodgy links in the bio.
Me: Check her out, she just followed me on ig
Mate: Dude, she got some crazy phishing url.....she's pure dick bait.
by atdotslash October 12, 2015
A special feature or character in a series for corny hornballs, that is defused for public airing but dvd/blu-ray has it released without obstructions.
Yo, did you find that beach & bath episode uncensored anywhere?
Nope, it's dickbait.
by lonarlunatic December 08, 2012
A male who attracts and lets men insert their penises inside them
Hey bro, look at that dick bait over there! What a fag!
by GhastMarine February 29, 2012
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