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When Barack Obama used to smoked pot at 2:00 AM, self confessed at WHCD 2013.
I remember when Buzzfeed was something I did back in college at 2 AM.
by Polly Tick April 29, 2013
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A website of cancerous, sensationalized, poorly written, far left tabloid-esque garbage designed to deliberately fuel ignorant, and hateful group-think opinions about controversial topics. It is a paradise for the logically challenged, pseudo-intellectual, emotional unstable, and those with inferiority and victim complexes. A typical BuzzFeed material and audience includes: Militant anti-white racists, shameless communists, self-victimized minorities, hypocritical feminists, misandrists, and other narcissists, degenerates, and sociopaths alike. It also covers a wide range of trite "news" about celebrities and other public figures.
Libtard: Have you seen the article on BuzzFeed about how racist White people are? I can't believe how only they can be so racist. Fuck those Nazi pig skinned assholes, they don't know what it's like to be oppressed! They all deserve to die."

Intelligent Person: "Cognitive dissonance. Only a truly hypocritical, hateful anti-white racist would preach equality and justice, whine about oppression, whilst simultaneously be discriminating, disrespecting, stereotyping, and oppressing the other culture and ethnicity. Save the blind emotional reasoning and use some common sense, critical thinking, and logic,"
by Revolt2015 November 03, 2014
Cancer, in the form of text.
Friends don't let friends BuzzFeed.
by I hope Skrillex dies September 10, 2014
Lists of tasteless nostalgia and irrelevancy, accompanied by hollow commentary. No nuance, no thought required. Just garbage. aka BuzzFeed.
"Did you see that post on BuzzFeed about disney princesses with beards and how their movies summarize the college experience!? So clever! I had to send it to all my facebook friends."

"No, but check this one out: 24 adorable Corkies who have cancer! LOL cute."

"OH MY GOD these gifs, are like...totally relating to my life right now and are HILARIOUS!"
by emmalanebb November 10, 2013
See Reddit.
BuzzFeed is a website that culls all its content from Reddit.
by Dilly D. December 13, 2011
A website that is basically the BEST and features such amazing content as 7 celebrity tweets that you missed. They sometimes feature lists.
Boss: Why are you on Buzzfeed when your project is late & it looks like you haven't showered?
A_Brony: Because its the BEST.
by A_Brony October 02, 2013

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