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A slowly expanding world wide blow out sale on human rights since 2001 A.D.
Politics declare war on <insert overblown reason> and slowly dismantle all your rights like free speech and the freedom of opinion for their paymasters from industry, economy and commerce.
by lonarlunatic March 06, 2012
1) falling in love with someone who you lost contact with already
2) accepting one's feelings for another after they can not be returned
3) realizing a fridge confession and developing feelings for that person in hindsight
Seven years after a fridge confession I got a break down as I developed a fridge love for a girl I will probably never meet again.
by lonarlunatic September 08, 2010
A special feature or character in a series for corny hornballs, that is defused for public airing but dvd/blu-ray has it released without obstructions.
Yo, did you find that beach & bath episode uncensored anywhere?
Nope, it's dickbait.
by lonarlunatic December 08, 2012
When someone is to clumsy to confess their affections to you for you to understand.
When you realize what they wanted, the confession is usually void and worthless by then.
It took me once seven years to understand a fridge confession.
by lonarlunatic September 08, 2010

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