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Devin: i'm a boy
by dfshdzsfhz April 30, 2012
10 6
A tall, blond, computer nerd thats way to cocky with selfish pride. He has one crippled leg and usually wears jackets. He can be the biggest douche ever and can also be the best friend ever at sometime.
Man, he's such a Devin... -_-
by Trollofski October 03, 2011
9 26
DEVIN killed my Nicuraguan dog
by coolkilla April 24, 2011
32 49
a GIRL name.
Devin is a GIRL.
by Maggie123 December 27, 2009
120 137
A really big jerk who tells lies and dates multiple girls at a time. he often writes letters to these girls when they find out theyve been played, just so he can get them back.
Eli: Whos your girlfriend today, Devin?
Devin: oh, theres Alisha, Emily, Renee, Bella, and Hannah, but dont tell them. They each think they are my one and only.
by lollcats November 04, 2011
6 26
THE definition of a pussy.

A guy who thinks he's tough but is the complete opposite... PUSSY.
oh man did you see that Devin? He's such a pussy. He probably works out on his bowflex in his basement, or maybe even runs on his treadmill. What a pussy.
by notadevin February 15, 2011
22 61
A guy who usually lies about having over 100 girlfriends,and takes forever to tell a girl he likes her, but usually has about 10,and he also lies about not being a virgin.
Devin Hey, I've had like 105 gfs.
MadisonIn your dreams paco
DevinAlso i am NOT a virgin hu hu
MadisonHow many times you gonna lie
by lovinskinnyjeans July 06, 2010
23 68
A person who is over confident, cocky and rude. Said person thinks they are better than you at everything even when they arent. This person will spend ample amounts of money just to have something better than you. They think that they are so cool and drive a nice vehicle which mommy and daddy bought them. This person thinks they are so good at everything they reffer to being sponsored by high end companies when they actually spent alot more money when they should of to buy their products. This person thinks they are tough and talk smack about other people, even close friends. This person is unhonest and not trustworthy.
Devin: Man see all this gear, im sponsored.
Devin: Man you wish you could have what i got.

Devin: Dont mess with me, im solid.

Devin: Man see that kid, hes such a loser
(Devin is the real loser)
by dooman69 November 24, 2010
28 83