Devin: i'm a boy
by dfshdzsfhz April 30, 2012
Ugly, hairy, and Arabic. Devins are often dirty and found dwelling in dark caves feeding off twigs and dirt. Devins are fairly dirty and afraid of clippers, haircuts, baths, soap and Colgate toothpaste. The word "devin" comes from a Latin word of "de" meaning dirty, and "vin" meaning caveman. Most devins often have a gay cheap looking blow out like pauly D or a beiber bowl cut. Devins are not popular. If seen by a devin, they will try to tell stupid jokes and try to molest you. Avoid devins as most as possible they are dirty bottom feeders and should put down.
That guy is a dirty as a devin
by MyBigBlackAngus March 19, 2014
A tall, blond, computer nerd thats way to cocky with selfish pride. He has one crippled leg and usually wears jackets. He can be the biggest douche ever and can also be the best friend ever at sometime.
Man, he's such a Devin... -_-
by Trollofski October 03, 2011
A really big jerk who tells lies and dates multiple girls at a time. he often writes letters to these girls when they find out theyve been played, just so he can get them back.
Eli: Whos your girlfriend today, Devin?
Devin: oh, theres Alisha, Emily, Renee, Bella, and Hannah, but dont tell them. They each think they are my one and only.
by lollcats November 04, 2011
a GIRL name.
Devin is a GIRL.
by Maggie123 December 27, 2009
Devin, an Irish boys name, not a girls name. The girls name is devon. All females named Devin should know that they have a boys name. For some reason 10% of people named Devin are female. IT IS A MALE NAME.
Devin is a manely man name. Girls named Devin usually are lesbians.
by Chucky12345 July 22, 2008
DEVIN killed my Nicuraguan dog
by coolkilla April 24, 2011
THE definition of a pussy.

A guy who thinks he's tough but is the complete opposite... PUSSY.
oh man did you see that Devin? He's such a pussy. He probably works out on his bowflex in his basement, or maybe even runs on his treadmill. What a pussy.
by notadevin February 15, 2011

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