Devin: i'm a boy
by dfshdzsfhz April 30, 2012
a extreme show off.
When a guy is showing off at all possible opportunities to impress all girls in sight.
Yo that dude is devin'
by hudstuderson July 27, 2011
The hottest chick in town. She gives buys boners. She has huge boobs, and a VERY nice body. One kiss on the lips will send your sences to heaven.
Guy 1: Damn, have your seen Hailey
Guy 2: Yeah, she's hot, but she's no devin
by woonkerboo December 28, 2010
A slow ass sloth
Dude Devin is a retard ya a total slothDevin
by lap1997 April 24, 2015
An amazingly talented beautiful girl. Devin's make the BEST girl friends. They love beer, sports, and having sex, but are still adorable. Probably one of the coolest people any one could have in their lives.
Stupid girly girl: "Ew, I hate beer and I don't want to watch baseball!"
Guys: "Man your girlfriend sucks, you shouldn't have broken up with Devin!"
by yodelbaur October 18, 2010
A large male who enjoys wanking to old men in skinny jeans. He often playes rape ninja in the park.
"Hey you see that Devin over their?"

"Yeah. OMG. I heard he wanked so fast his dick fell off!"
by d.e.v.i.n September 01, 2014
an extremely annoying creature who pretends to be human, but resembles both an alien and a horse, dressed like Lil Wayne. usually resembles an extremely tall wooly mammoth. this type of creature drinks alot and posts stupid things on facebook...all of the time. Usually comes in gay, but surely there are straight models out there.
"oh my god, its a devin!"
by biersack January 01, 2012
Ugly, hairy, and Arabic. Devins are often dirty and found dwelling in dark caves feeding off twigs and dirt. Devins are fairly dirty and afraid of clippers, haircuts, baths, soap and Colgate toothpaste. The word "devin" comes from a Latin word of "de" meaning dirty, and "vin" meaning caveman. Most devins often have a gay cheap looking blow out like pauly D or a beiber bowl cut. Devins are not popular. If seen by a devin, they will try to tell stupid jokes and try to molest you. Avoid devins as most as possible they are dirty bottom feeders and should put down.
That guy is a dirty as a devin
by MyBigBlackAngus March 19, 2014

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