a extreme show off.
When a guy is showing off at all possible opportunities to impress all girls in sight.
Yo that dude is devin'
by hudstuderson July 27, 2011
A slutty bitch who always gets what she wants WHENEVER she wants. she is the most annoying, idiotic person ever. also hates her name and begs, brags and makes people look bad a lot, she might as well be named devil instead
1 : did you see that bragging bitch?
2 : yeah such a DEVIN!

(once had a friend named devin just like this)
by 2cool4ya May 13, 2015
A large male who enjoys wanking to old men in skinny jeans. He often playes rape ninja in the park.
"Hey you see that Devin over their?"

"Yeah. OMG. I heard he wanked so fast his dick fell off!"
by d.e.v.i.n September 01, 2014
an extremely annoying creature who pretends to be human, but resembles both an alien and a horse, dressed like Lil Wayne. usually resembles an extremely tall wooly mammoth. this type of creature drinks alot and posts stupid things on facebook...all of the time. Usually comes in gay, but surely there are straight models out there.
"oh my god, its a devin!"
by biersack January 01, 2012
A tall, blond, computer nerd thats way to cocky with selfish pride. He has one crippled leg and usually wears jackets. He can be the biggest douche ever and can also be the best friend ever at sometime.
Man, he's such a Devin... -_-
by flangoo22 October 03, 2011
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