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Something that weighs one million-tons or over
"Dang, that truck weighs a Devin!"
by ilikecheese00 January 09, 2010
Devin... a name that sounds so sweet and sincere until you peel back the first layer....Selfish, pale, not very pleasing to the eye. A dreamer with out a path, lost, a burden, never pays for his own meals.... STAY AWAY!
Question: Is she really going out with that pasty guy Devin?

Answer: Yah.... poor thing, What does she see in him!?
by Awakened2042 February 03, 2010
the act of having a uniball
devin is such a uniballer; why does devin, this uniballer keep texting me?
by ryan poo April 03, 2009
a "hybrid" (usually part black) who is illegally living in a country with a MILF; acts gayly and tries to impersonate "mobster"
Have you seen that devin who tried jump over that fence with his jeans sagging, attempting to touch another man?
by xxSL1MxSH4DYxx January 10, 2010
a girl who poses for sexuall porno magazines and spends her days on the phone with people called buttheads. A devin is a person who also believes that they have a large ass yet in fact they dont.
she is such a devin , her as is small and she looks like an idiot in her pajama magazines.
by nickyfresh April 06, 2009
A guy who writes several definitions about himself boasting about how great he is but is in reality probably the opposite
Devin is such a loser
by beatriz010 February 28, 2009
A cornucopia of douchey fail. One who tends to mentally decieve others. Also mistaken for those born with mental disorders.
Girl: My boyfriend is such a fucking Devin, I'm going to break up with him if he doesn't stop that shit.
by ballinwiththecashflow September 15, 2008