the most amazing person in the entire world!, my love, my life, my babe forever. i love you forever with everything i gots, never stoping or forgeting. ill be with you forever. you are my one and only true love. 3-14-11
thats devin hes super smexy.
by mr.prettykitty man July 25, 2011
noun: A man with a dick so big, he must carry it around in a wheelbarrow.
Verb: To make other men feel inadequate about their own penis size.
- "Daddy, whats that thing in Devin's wheelbarrow?" "Thats his enormous penis, son!"

- I changed next to that guy in the locker room, he totally devin'd me. His dick was so big.
by Hottie95 March 08, 2015
A person who doesnt give many fucks on the outside. He cares very little what people think of him. His typical go-to response is "fuck you." Despite his piss-off attitude he is a surprisingly good friend, though. He is a guys guy. A true bro. His "I dont care" attitude, makes him a fun person to hang with. Hes cool with anything from playing a PG video game, to watching porn with his bros, or racing his red sports car. Honestly a super chill guy, but only cares about a select few people.
I said 'hi' to Devin in the hall but he told me to fuck off.

"Devin! I can see your dick, bro. You might want to cover that up."
"Does it look like I give a fuck, if you can see my dick? Its just a dick."
by Hottie95 March 08, 2015
The human incarnation of a Fuckboi. Often times tries to get many girls but ends up being led on and abandoned, like that of a small puppy.
Wow look at that Devin. That's the third girl he has hooked up with this week but he has gotten no where with any of them.
by RiotMoar April 15, 2015
I wanna smoke some devin
by A.N.A June 11, 2013
Devin: i'm a boy
by dfshdzsfhz April 30, 2012
The hottest chick in town. She gives buys boners. She has huge boobs, and a VERY nice body. One kiss on the lips will send your sences to heaven.
Guy 1: Damn, have your seen Hailey
Guy 2: Yeah, she's hot, but she's no devin
by woonkerboo December 28, 2010

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