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a foolish or stupid person; an idiot.

someone with a numb skull, i.e. someone who feels no pain when you whack them repeatedly upside the head.
What a numbskull! Come 'ere, numbskull, i'm gonna smack you again.
by wan_sok July 31, 2004
a hangover of epic proportions; usually associated with trying to think logically after a night of heavy boozing with little or no results; also - an idiotic person
When I got to work on Friday morning, I had serious numb skull from boozing the night before. I couldn't accomplish a freakin' thing.
by peter gazinya May 09, 2010
a dimp, simp, simpy, dimpleton, simpleton, dopey, dopleton
Danm you so numbskull.
by dimpydoo22 March 31, 2011
A person who likes to play country music and live in Gore, in the South Island of New Zealand. Often referred to as a doofoid.
Hey that guy climbing up that giant trout with his guitar is such a numbskull
by Undy Bumgrope July 07, 2004
when no pain is percieved during panie (boring a hole in the skull to release evil spirits demons)
She felt nothing during the blessed panie, verily, she must be a numbskull.
by Brianianc5 October 12, 2003
that knuckleheaded dude who scrawls his name on the walls,not a graph artist.. numbskull is the true vandal.
what's that say???, it says ,dirty to the core.numbskull the true vadal

by numbskullwhataraddude October 03, 2006